About the Site

If we were all rational beings, marketing would cease to exist. The branding, commercialisation and marketing of products exists – and will continue to exist – because it nudges and tugs at our irrationalities; influencing our behaviour and decision making processes, for better or worse. Arguably, marketing has already infiltrated our environment so much that we are seemingly oblivious to its very existence.

Marketing can, consciously or unconsciously, powerfully impact on a person’s decision making and has the potential to change how we think and behave for the better. Given marketing plays such a pivotal role, it makes sense that we shine the spotlight on marketers and the industry. It’s probably about time we all paid a little more attention to it and evaluate the impact marketing is having on ‘our’ choices.

We live in an increasingly fast-paced society where we communicate through shares, likes and 140-character tweets. I want to take the time to delve deeper – to take the opportunity to discuss marketing stories and to explore the impact marketing has on our society and us.

About Me

I’m a marketing enthusiast, pragmatic doer and a recent Bachelor of Commerce graduate (’14) from the University of Melbourne, Australia. On a typical weekend, you’ll find me cycling around Melbourne, spending time with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors or – if the weather is against me – playing the piano and reading.

I strongly believe in the concept of being a responsible global citizen – that is, playing a role to achieve a more equal, just and non-discriminative society. In the past, I have worked with The Oaktree Foundation, World Vision Australia and have been a volunteer tutor for disadvantaged high school students with Embrace Education. I also passionately believe that education has a transformative impact and has the potential to lift children out of the cycle of poverty. As a result, I’ve worked with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education as a research assistant in the TeacherSelector team – a project which is designed to improve the selection of future teachers.

I’m a professed globetrotter and love spending time visiting new places, experiencing new things and expanding my horizons. Over the last two years, I have travelled to 14 countries and 45 different cities. Here are a handful of photos taken on my travels: